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Restoring OWS Proto Bumi Laut Perkasa

This article discusses the restoring OWS Proto at BLP Shipyard. OWS uses the Proto brand with the HRS type SV-360SAI series.

Inspect & Check issue for report information detail

Equipment Specification

Oil Water Separator

  • Brand : PROTO
  • Type : HRS
  • Power supply : 220 VAC
  • Rated : 0,25

Level Switch

  • Brand : OMRON
  • Type : 6IF-G-AP

Single Phasse Ac Motor

  • Power Supply : 220 VAC
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz

Problems Occurred ( information from the owner / user )

  • Restoring the performance of Oily Water Separator.
  • O.W.S performance can not separate between water and oil.

Description of OWS

OWS Control Panel

  • Check all equipment, selector switches, indicator lamp, control relay and level switches.
  • Checking and testing the control system.
  • Restoring the performance of solenoid valve.
  • Check the performance level sensor.

Oily Water Separator Tank

  • Need repairs in pump O.W.S.
  • O.W.S tank needs cleaning and replacement the filter.

About OWS Proto HRS

  • PROTO Oily Water Separator HRS Series.
  • Discharge Effluent < 15 PPM.
  • IMO Marpol 73/78, Annex- I.
  • MEPC 107 (49).
  • Capacity 0.25 – 10 m³/hour.
  • Product By PT Protono Dwi Dynamic.

About PT Protono Dwi Dynamic

PT Protono Dwi Dynamic is different and better in terms of production speed while maintaining the quality and regulations for the disposal of waste water containing oil. This is based on years of experience, continuous research and development, and various installations that we have carried out with limited space as well as industrial separator installations in remote areas.

PT Protono Dwi Dynamic realize that time is one of the factors for efficiency, so the availability of Separator units and speed of delivery plus planned mobilization & demobilization are the main keys in controlling Owning & Operating Costs.

Oily water separator as a means of preventing pollution marine environment by waste water from ships with technical specifications according to Technical Recommendation & Testing of Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment from International Maritime Organization (IMO) MARPOL 73/78 Annex I, Resolution A 393 (X).

The application of the product is as a means of preventing pollution marine environment by waste water from ships, practical design, compact form, easy operation and minimal maintenance with discharge rate < 15 PPM. Product design adapted to the limitations in the ship’s engine room, installation (installation) can be done in a short time, as well as the ship is in a running or floating position.

The product has been licensed by the Ministry of Industry number : 23175/78 and type approval from the Directorate General Sea Transportation Number: Py.694/9/5/DII.93, for use products on Indonesian-flagged vessels and vessels operating in Indonesian waters.

From the tests that have been carried out and in the implementation of the Pick Test, the results of the oily water separation show less than 10 PPM meet the International standard Rules Maritime Organization (IMO).

Documentation Restoring OWS Proto

Restoring OWS Proto
Oily Water Separator Proto product by Protono Dwi Dynamic
Restoring OWS Proto Solenoid valve
Solenoid Valve
Restoring OWS Proto Level Sensor
Level Sensor

Materi for Job Restoring OWS Proto

PROTO Marine Pollution Prevention Equipment

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